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Tom on “Unspooled” with Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson!

Tom was interviewed about his book “The Godfather Effect” for the Unspooled , a podcast where comedian and film buff…

Op-Ed About Doris Day in the Washington Post

Tom’s thoughts on the passing of the icon Doris Day –

Tom on “Arts in the City” Once Again!

Tom has been interviewed for CUNY TV’s “Arts in the City” this month, talking with Carol Anne Riddell about his…

Tom interviewed for On the Town

Tom was interviewed for “On the Town with Michael Riedel about “Why To Kill a Mockingbird Matters.” You can listen…

Tom on “Arts in the City”

Tom was recently interviewed for Arts in the City about “Then and Now.”

Frank Sinatra & The Jack Pack

Tom was interviewed for “Frank Sinatra & the Jack Pack” produced by Circle Films, Ireland.

PBS – The Italian American Experience

Tom was interviewed for “The Italian-American Experience” on PBS.

Tom on “Theater Talk”